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Be your own captain in one of our electric boats as you journey through Amsterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem or Leiden. You don’t need a boating license to rent a boat and you can fit 12 people on board!

  • Book & pay online
  • Luxury 12-seater boats
  • To rent a boat there is no boating license required
  • Easy to operate
  • Quiet, 100% electric
  • Boat rental Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden & Haarlem
  • Boats can be started with your mobile phone
  • It is often possible to extend your reservation during your trip
  • A rating of 5★ from TripAdvisor

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Book your own boat via this website. You can even book one for the very same day!

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You will receive an activation link via SMS, prior to departure, enabling you to start your trip.

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Enjoy your boating trip!

Be your own captain in one of our 100% electric sloops as you journey through the canals of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem or Leiden.

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Give it a spin!


Check in check out

Last saturday Sloepdelen was at Check in Check out, a fair where al lot of the best activities in and around Utrecht presented themselves. Here we showed everyone interested in what Utrecht has to offer, the fun of sailing your own boat through the canals. Our enthusiastic colleagues definitely played a big part in bringing the message across. Finally everyone was offered the opportunity to enlist for a rubber-duck-race, which will take place in the coming week and the first…
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Kunstroute Leiden

This weekend the largest annual art route in the Netherlands will take place on the 24th and 25th of september in Leiden. This year 123 artists and 46 galeries/art-initiatives are participating. A lot of locations are situated at the water, the perfect opportunity to take a boat and sail from one galery to the next on the beautiful canals of Leiden. On the website of Kunstroute Leiden you can find all galeries accesible from the water and plan your route…
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Feeling hot hot hot!

An unexpected present: Summer in september!   Previously we told you it would be the last opportunity to enjoy the sun on the water, yet now luckily this appears not to be the case! So take an extra day off, skip that boring lecture for just this once or go out in the evening to enjoy this surprise in september. Have fun on the water!
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Sloepdelen movie

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