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Experience Amsterdam in a unique way. Be your own captain as you journey through the canals of Amsterdam, enjoying the freedom and spectacular view. At Sloepdelen, a boat rental is fast and easy.

  • Reserve online, fast and easy
  • Starting from € 5,- per person per hour
  • Boats are suited for up to 12 persons
  • No boating license needed
  • Electric boat can drive 14 hours non-stop
  • Activate the boat with your phone
  • Boats are very easy to drive
  • Location of the dock in the city center
  • Min. duration of a trip is 2 hours

Renting a boat from Sloepdelen is easy

You can rent a boat within minutes by using our online reservation system.

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Reserve online

Easily reserve your boat through our online reservation system.

start sloep / boat

Start the boat

Before departure you will receive an activation link through SMS, which gives you the possibility to start the boat.

Sloep / Boat varen

Go out on the water!

Explore the canals of Amsterdam yourself, 100% electric.

Tariffs in Amsterdam

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€ 60.00 + € 150.00 deposit
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Give it a spin!

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Last saturday Sloepdelen was at Check in Check out, a fair where al lot of the best activities in and around Utrecht presented themselves. Here we showed everyone interested in what Utrecht has to offer, the fun of sailing your own boat through the canals. Our enthusiastic colleagues definitely played a big part in bringing the message across. Finally everyone was offered the opportunity to enlist for a rubber-duck-race, which will take place in the coming week and the first…
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Kunstroute Leiden

This weekend the largest annual art route in the Netherlands will take place on the 24th and 25th of september in Leiden. This year 123 artists and 46 galeries/art-initiatives are participating. A lot of locations are situated at the water, the perfect opportunity to take a boat and sail from one galery to the next on the beautiful canals of Leiden. On the website of Kunstroute Leiden you can find all galeries accesible from the water and plan your route…
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Feeling hot hot hot!

An unexpected present: Summer in september!   Previously we told you it would be the last opportunity to enjoy the sun on the water, yet now luckily this appears not to be the case! So take an extra day off, skip that boring lecture for just this once or go out in the evening to enjoy this surprise in september. Have fun on the water!
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Navigating through the canals of Amsterdam is a unique experience. You definitely want to visit some or all of the spot mentioned below.


In 1612, the canal belt was dug in a southern direction from the Brouwersgracht. It owes its name to the many breweries that were in the area.

Anne Frank huis

The Anne Frank Huis is a monument to commemorate Anne Frank and her family. The house is located at 263-267 Prinsengracht.


Westerkerk in Amsterdam is a church located at the Prinsengracht canal, at Westermarkt, on the edge of the Jordaan.


The largest and most important national museum of the Netherlands, and also the house of Rembrandt van Rijn’s Night Watch.

Heineken Brouwerij

The Heineken Brouwerij (Brewery) was founded on 15 February 1863 when Gerard Adriaan Heineken purchased ‘De Hooiberg’ brewery. In 1873 the name was changed to Heineken’s Bierbrouwerij Maatschappij.

The Royal Theatre Carré (Koninklijk Theater Carré)

The Royal Theatre Carré is a theatre, located near the Amstel. Its original name was Circus Carré and it is built in the classicist style.


Hermitage Amsterdam is a branch of the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, located along the Amstel.

Artis (Zoo)

Natura Artis Magistra: ‘Nature is the teacher of art and science’ is the zoo of Amsterdam and the oldest zoo in the Netherlands, located in the Plantage neighbourhood.

National Maritime Museum (Scheepsvaartmuseum)

Specialised museum in Dutch maritime history, located in the building of the former ‘s Lands Zeemagazijn, with the second-largest maritime collection in the world.


NEMO is a technology museum in Amsterdam. It was built on the foundations of the IJ tunnel and is located at Oosterdok.

Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station was built between 1881 and 1889, based on the design by P.J.H. Cuypers. This architect also designed the Rijksmuseum, which is why the two buildings look alike.

Wallen (red light district)

De Wallen, the best known prostitution neighbourhood of the Western world, is a bustling neighbourhood, also known as the ‘red light district‘, and is mostly filled with tourists.

Recommended boating tours

Grachtenroute (Canals Tour)

A beautiful route through the canals, straight through the centre of our city on poles. View the canal-side houses from an entirely different perspective. Perhaps Amsterdam is even at its most beautiful when viewed from the canals! (via Waternet)

Plantageroute (Plantation Tour)

Go on safari in the city and boat through the greenest part of Amsterdam via our Plantation Route. Apart from the area’s special architecture and the abundance of green, there are also other special landmarks: this route also passes the back section of Artis (Entrepotdok). Stand in your boat and try to spot a zebra or a Sahara oryx! (via Waternet)

Wallenroute (Red Light District Tour)

The best known part of Amsterdam for most of us and for every tourist: De Wallen (or in popular speech, the ‘walletjes‘). Nice detail: this route also passes the Old Church (Oude Kerk).  This is the oldest building still in existence in the city. It likely dates from 1306. Have you never been on a boat trip through this exciting part of Amsterdam? Then I suggest you get right on it! (via Waternet)

Rent a boat and experience a day in Amsterdam you will not forget

Cruising through Amsterdam by yourself or with friends, colleagues or family is a unique experience. Enjoy the city views from the water and experience how great it is to navigate through the canals of Amsterdam yourself. The boarding spot at the Nassaukade 69 is very easy to reach. You can explore the waters all year round, so reserve your own boat now.

Boarding in Amsterdam

Our dock is situated on the Nassaukade in Amsterdam, opposite to number 69.


Do you have questions? Please check the Frequently Asked Questions page, or mail us.

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